A company is only as good as it’s people and processes. Here’s a primer on ours

Impeccable credentials

Medianation LLP is founded by professionals with a combined experience of over 28 years in media, communications and technology.

We seek to deliver specific, measurable benefits through our activities, favouring customised solutions built from the ground up.

Our specialities include newspapers and magazines, newsletters and research publications, digital content, animation, gaming and film creation.

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Mandar M Bakre
The man with the ideas, words and designs that make up Medianation LLP. Started out in the newspapers before switching to corporate roles, where he edited research reports and I-bank content. Now building a company that helps you discover the joy of a job well done.
Anup N Gaikwad
The creative chap with technology credentials. Boasts more than 14 years in IT services with multiple stints overseas: the US, Gulf, Singapore and Turkey. Manages Medianation LLP's tech functions and serves as filter for all new plans and ideas.

Right approach

At Medianation LLP, we think smart, prioritise correctly and work hard, as these articles explaining our philosophy show

Secure and trustworthy processes

The digital world demands that companies be mindful of security risks and protect against data theft. Here's how we do that at Medianation LLP

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