How David Slayed Goliath

The legend of David and Goliath is familiar to most, but bears repeating for newcomers.

Those who know it can skip the next paragraph.
David (of the famous statue carved by Michelangelo) was a shepherd boy, who defeated a giant solider named Goliath, and ultimately rose to become king of the Israelis. Here is the popular telling of the tale: The Israelis and the Philistines were at war, and everybody dreaded Goliath, the giant Philistine “champion”. No Israeli soldier was willing to fight him one on one, until David, visiting the camp of the Israelis, offered to do so. David wore no armour, and instead of a sword or spear, carried a sling into battle. There, he planted a stone in the sling, whirled the sling for momentum, and taking aim, released his weapon. The stone hit Goliath on the forehead hard enough to bring him crashing down, and the result of that battle settled the war in favour of the Israelis. This story is a classic tale of the victory of the underdog, so much so that any lopsided fight today is referred to as a ‘David vs Goliath’ situation.

For Medianation LLP, the story is instructive of how small things can produce big results. Or, put another way, how to achieve extraordinary results through well thought out, but simple solutions that leverage available resources. It’s the same as the experienced plumber who simply tapped a pipe to resolve a decades-old problem with the flushing system in the home of a rich man. In that story, the high-flying client, having witnessed the plumber’s actions, balks at the $1,000 bill and asks for a break-up of charges. The wise plumber dutifully submits a bill with two charges: ‘For tapping: $1.00; For knowing where to tap: $999.00.”

David was only a shepherd, and he had arrived at the battlefield to deliver a message to his king. But he was able to grasp the situation, analyse it, find himself suitable to the job, take on the risk, and come out a winner. And he did this with a minimum of fuss – he didn’t require an “innovative new weapon”, or a “special” stone. He simply picked up a suitable stone, and made it a deadly weapon. In other words, David used an ordinary object to achieve an extraordinary result. At Medianation LLP, we strive to do just that. David did it for his king. We do it for our clients and readers.

Ground-up Approach

26 May 2017