It’s Good to be Correct, Better to be Understood

We think too much “correct” and “proper” is standing in the way of effective communication. After all, language evolved to meet our needs to communicate; humans didn’t evolve to serve as fodder for language enthusiasts.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe in, and root for, standards. Effective communication can only happen when the words used mean the same thing to everybody. For example, do you nod your head to convey yes and shake it side by side to convey no? In many cultures, the opposite is true. Two people from such cultures are unlikely to understand each other if they use head gestures to communicate.

Communication is about getting the message across. Sometimes, breaking the rules might help you deliver it more effectively. A case in point is Hinglish, used by advertising agencies to get their point across.

At Medianation LLP, we believe we are merely delivers of a message, and the written word is a medium to deliver that message. Following its rules helps us to communicate effectively. Sometimes, we prefer to break those rules to enhance communication. The question we ask ourselves at such points is, “Would be rather be correct or would we rather be understood?”

At Medianation LLP, we prefer to be understood. That is the philosophy behind all our products — content, design and newsletters.

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