Apostrophes Are a Small Thing That Make a Big Difference

The apostrophe is a small thing that makes a big difference.

Again, using an example borrowed from the internet, the apostrophe is what tells you the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

Explanation: “your” refers to a quality or item which you OWN or have, whereas “you’re” is a shortform of “you are”. The apostrophe is used to indicate the missing alphabet ‘a’. So, the correct form is “your motorcycle”, “your house” and “your address”, and similarly, “you’re (you are) intelligent”, “you’re funny” and “you’re a friend.”

Let’s look back to our first example. “Knowing your shit” generally means you know yourself and your life and circumstances. In a specific context, it means you know what you are talking about. “Knowing you’re shit” means you are bad at a particular thing, (you ARE shit; you = shit) and you know it.

We will look at two other examples where the apostrophe is important: It’s vs its, and they’re vs their vs there.
Just like you’re is a shortform of you are, “it’s” is a shortform of “it is”, while “its” is similar to “your” — indicating a quality or thing that something has. So we have “The dog chased its tail”, “The company changed its logo” and “The library lends its books.” With the apostrophe we get “It’s (it is) time to eat”, “It’s a really good movie” and “It’s complicated”.

They’re vs their vs there. In this example, “They’re” is shortform for “They are” and “their” indicates something owned or available with a group of people. So we say “They’re (They are) coming to dinner”, “They’re eating dinner” and “They’re going to help me”. In case of their, we get “Their car”, “Their house” and “Their computer”.

Let us now understand “there”. It is not related to the other two words, but creates confusion because it has the same pronunciation or sound. “There: is used to indicate a location or place. “I went there”, “Let’s (let us) meet there”, and “Here, there and everywhere”.

This concludes our post on apostrophes. We hope it helped you.

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