The Last Word: Medianation LLP’s Defence of Written Matter

Imagine a revolutionary new technology that delivers content to each individual at a pace the maximises comprehension.

In a hyperconnected world, where we are bombarded with messages 24×7 for mindshare and last moment recall, such a technology would let people slow down the pace of a narrative and make sense of their situation before deciding on their next step. In a country where people are seeking definite answers to questions that don’t have one, such a technology would help instil sound knowledge by ensuring the message had been understood. It would also reduce the number of people asking pointless questions that ultimately add volume instead of value.

Such a technology need not be cutting edge in the technical sense, but it must be cutting edge in its transmission capability. We are not interested in how exciting, addictive or widespread the technology is or could be. Nor are we interested in its commercial possibilities.

Our focus in on comprehension. Which technology or medium helps us to best deliver a message to people? Does such a technology or system exist?

We believe such a technology exists, and will make our case in a series of short posts starting today and running through the week. This is, The Last Word.

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15 January 2018

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