TLW: All Sound and No Sight Hurts Radio

Last, let’s look at radio.

An excellent medium, radio first runs up against the same problem faced in television: what should be the speed of content delivery? How fast is too fast? In radio, there is the added problem of a lack of visuals. Since television has a visual component, the audio part can be relegated slightly. In radio, that is not possible. Audio is the be all and end all of radio. And getting the speed of delivery right is critical.

Radio’s second big problem is that it is a “live” medium. It is rarely to never “recorded” by enthusiasts; unlike television, its content is never “replayed”. That means content delivery is pre-decided and cannot be changed according to the consumer’s will.

Now, imagine this revolutionary new technology, which allows you to overcome all the obstacles we’ve mentioned. The content or message is delivered at a pace suitable to your understanding, and comes with an inbuilt speed monitor. Delivery can be activated when required, and paused when necessary. It won’t affect your eyes, like television and the internet, nor will it affect your ears like radio. Would you be interested in trying out this technology?

We have it already. It’s called the printed word.

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