TLW: We Want it in Writing

So far, we’ve established that printed or written content is a great way to get your message across, but books aren’t they best mode of delivery.

What we need, therefore, is a “book” without a book’s limitations. That’s how Medianation LLP’s decision to opt for digital publications was born. Digital publications or e-books seamlessly merge the best of both worlds, by applying print characteristics to online content. We’re doing just that with our products Suit Up! and Happy Money.

There is a reason we write things down, even today in the digital world. Contracts are not oral, they are put in words. Treaties may be sealed with a handshake and a hug before a live audience and massive TV coverage, but before that, they are drafted (often many times over). The press event of any new product launch is followed by the release of a statement that comes — you guessed it — in written form.

Audio, video, Audio-visual, dynamic, no matter how you decide to deliver your message, you’ve a better chance of being understood if it’s in writing, making the written word the last word. At Medianation LLP, that is what we believe.

TLW: Books are Big on Delivery and Pace

20 January 2018

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20 January 2018