Full Throttle Book Reviews

Starting today, we’re launching a series that will offer book reviews written at full speed. Our “Full Throttle Book Reviews” will have three characteristics to distinguish them from other reviews:

  1. The writing will have pace. All words and writing will come across as moving, and fast, at that. To achieve this effect, the reviews will be written on the spur of the moment and in one sitting (i.e. written at the speed at thought). Might also use full stops often. In excess, perhaps. “Staccato”. That’s what it’s called. But yes, they will be edited. We’re offering our reviews, not our typos.
  2. The review will be written a few months after the book has been read, so that it contains not what is immediately remembered, but the aspects that have most lingered after a period of time. We’re talking residual memories, those that have survived the process of “attrition”.
  3. The reviews will tell you whether to read the book(s) or not, and what we learnt from it. To that extent, they will be directive and opinionated. Telling you what conclusions you can draw from reading the book. Whether you do, it up to you.

The reviews are all listed here, and you can either click on the hyperlinks to go to each one, or click FTBR in the categories to see all the entries in one go. What to be even more selective? Click here for fiction reviews and here for non-fiction reviews. We hope the reviews guide you towards a good read.

Full Throttle Book Reviews (Fiction and Non-fiction):

To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman (F)
The Valley of Masks (F)
American Idol (N)
Collected Stories Ruskin Bond (F)

TLW: We Want it in Writing

2 February 2018

Full Throttle Book Review: To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman

2 February 2018