Why Not Try An Inkpen Today?

Inkpens, or fountain pens, is how most of us got introduced to penmanship. In India, unfortunately, although those were exciting days, they didn’t always make for happy memories. The best pen possible was a Hero. All inkpens leaked. Sometimes, they stopped working because of an air pocket in the barrel. All of them “burped”, which is the term for excess ink dispelled from the barrel of a pen you are writing with, when its ink level becomes low. None of this made for a positive experience.

But technology fixes many of the past ills, and inkpens are among them. Today, you can pick up a Parker Vector, or even a Parker Beta, and neither have leaked in our many years of experience. The Parker Frontier, a more expensive pen, has done that at times, so we recommend it only to enthusiasts. On the more expensive side of the functional range are Sheaffers and Lamys that offer beautifully smooth nibs and no leakage of ink.

The Lamy Safari is an excellent higher-end pen for starting out. Although made of plastic, it is light and tough, and it comes in many colours so you can always have one in your choice. For those who prefer some sort of metal, or a more conservative look to their pens, the Sheaffer 100 line offers very good value for much the same price. So, go on, try an ink pen today. You won’t be disappointed.

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