Office Shopping: How We Ended Up Where We Did

From May to December last year, we had an office.

In a co-working space close to home. But, after Diwali last year, two things changed: our product line up and our mindset.

The first thing to change was our product line up. Suddenly, the products we planned to put out, as well as their avatar in the next stage of evolution, became simpler and easier. This pretty much eliminated the need for us to provide continuous input and oversight to the designer during the production stage.

Once that happened, it didn’t matter whether we sat next to our designer or not. The designer could be anywhere! Once the designer’s location became remote, the prospect of losing others to remote working didn’t seem scary. After all, it is at the designer’s end, during the final production stages, that everybody most needs to be attuned to the product and on the look out for lapses, misses and errors and mistakes.

And our mindset changed too. That’s when we took the decision to have everybody work from home. No need for an office. So no need to fork out rents either. As the adage goes, money saved is money earned. Mind you now, we aren’t working out of bed or a table on which we eat. We’ve set up in a garage. Its spacious enough for everybody who works at Medianation LLP to show up for duty. But its usually empty because everyone is busy at home. Working.

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