AltCovers: A Design Series for Music Albums

Album covers were a big deal. Big artistic deal. Then, iTunes happened, songs became available individually, and the concept of the album evaporated. With the album becoming outdated, the album cover or cover art became moot.

Still, having some artwork is important, if only because modern music players (our smartphones) have place for the album cover image. This is a legacy holdover; it might soon disappear, with all songs having a default picture of the band or artist. But once you’ve created the space and place for an image, there will always be value in changing it now and then. Because of this, Medianation LLP believes the music album cover won’t go extinct. Irrelevant, perhaps; dead, no.

AltCovers is our first design series, and the selections are based not on our choice of music, but artistic sensibility.
So, in cases where we have not have listened to all the songs in all the album or didn’t much like the album, we went ahead with the design as we believed our artwork matched the music.

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30 June 2018