What’s It Like Using a Blackberry for the First Time?

At Medianation LLP, the mobile things run on a KeyOne. It’s a Blackberry device running on Android. This is our first experience with a Blackberry. We’ve previously shunned the company for its excessively high radiation ratings (Samsungs were so much better) and the size of the keyboard was always a problem.

But corporate gigs call for corporate infrastructure, and so, when the Berrys came in Android, a KeyOne was immediately procured. It has been a winner in every which way.

Mind you, the Blackberry isn’t the best for media consumption, although it is sufficient for that purpose. It is, however, an excellent workhorse of a phone. Six months into its use, we find that the phone really can last two days on a single charge is usage is just that little bit lower. Else, we go through one and a half days without a hitch. In cases of seriously excess use, the battery still held on in the single digits at lights-out time, allowing us to plug it in for charging without much fear. And the Qualcomm Fast Charging 3 factor is a great bonus. If ever you forget to charge your phone at night and realise the next morning that you’ve got about 15-20% of battery only, charge in boost mode for half an hour and the battery is in the 70-80% range, which, on a Berry, will easily see you through the day. Compare that to a phone that will indeed hit 80% with charging technology, but needs to be charged twice through the day, and you’ll find the Berry’s peace of mind worthwhile.

Then there’s security, and the ability to independently set up accesses for different apps. Why, for example, does my music player want access to my telephone contacts? In any other phone, I’m forced to choose. Either I download the music players and let it access my contacts, or I find something else. Not with the Berry. Not only will we download the music player and use it, but I’ll get the Berry to prevent it from accessing my telephone contacts. Now that’s convenient!

Blackberry was always a communication brand, so we are happy to note that the shift to Android has not dampened mail performance. Emails still arrive on our Blackberry KeyOne faster than they do in our Gmail inbox, even when the mail is being sent by us to our own Gmail account as a test!

And we love the Keyboard. Hardware clicks are a very, very positive experience by default, and the Blackberry capitalises on this by being the only (worthwhile) phone with a physical keyboard. We don’t always hit it out with the keyboard; sometimes it looks too small and sometimes it feels too slippery, but overall, it is a wonderful thing. The scrolling capability is sheer genius.

Thus, even though we started out as newbies, we are now Blackberry converts. You can expect us to look at the successor, said to be titled KeyTwo. Meantime, you can call us “crackberries”.

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