AltCovers: Yugoslav Relics For Roger Waters

In this series, we use Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers’ images of abandoned Yugoslav monuments to create covers for Roger Waters’ studio albums.

We believe the pictures and Waters’ music are intimately connected. The single most common feature for both is their sparseness. There is a raw, brutal, monumental approach in both, where minimalism is used for maximum effect.

Album: The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking (1984); Monument: Tjentiste


There are two images of this site, but we prefer the one in which the pieces are leaning left, as it indicates not just the ‘lift’ being asked, but shows someone in momentum having ‘slammed the brakes’. The other picture, in contrast, seems to indicate thumbs in both direction.

Album: Radio K.A.O.S. (1987); Monument: Petrova Gora

This beautiful, shiny tower with an antenna on the top is a natural fit for this album’s title.

Album: Amused to Death (1992); Monument: Podgaric, else Jasenovac

Podgaric is our first choice because of the wings and eye and the ‘funnyness’ that the whole picture seems to put out.

Jasenovac, our second choice, also has a motif of wings, and seems to indicate angels after death. We believe Podgaric is a much, much better fit of the two.

Album: Ca Ira (2005); Monument: Zenica

The spanner shape of this monument and visible red star give it a sense of worker uprising. The sentiment somewhat matches the French Revolution, which forms the background of this concept album.

Album: Is this the World We Really Want? (2017); Monument: Kadinijaka

Another perfect fit after Radio K.A.O.S. The brutalist, broken, circular imagery of the monument is a perfect match for the album name. Alternatives include broken and destroyed monuments such as the ones at Kosute or Makljen.








Box Set Pic: Kosmaj

Kosmaj’s many spires breaking out in different directions highlight Waters’ wide musical scope, and they also look like two hands coming together at the knuckles, which complements Waters instruments —  bass and guitar — while bring helping the series to conclude.

Note: All images clicked by Jan Kempenaers and taken from Deserted Places Blog; Roger Waters’ image for the taken from Ultimate Classic Rock. If our use of these images violates your fair use guidelines, please get in touch with us.

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2 July 2018

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