How Secure is Medianation LLP? Here’s our Hardware

Our default communication device is a Blackberry (read our review here). We believe its data encryption and fingerprint access offers the best security available at the moment, and the speed with which Berrys deliver emails remains phenomenal and unmatched. We’re fans, and we’re sticking to the forgotten brand now that it’s available on an Android platform. A loud cheer goes out to the DTEK security module, which we find superb to use and love using.

Everything possible on the Blackberry, we do on that device. For everything else, we use a Thinkpad. The L470 model, which we selected because it has more battery power and a better keyboard than the E470, and offers the possibility of adding a SIM card to the laptop, which the T470 model lacks. The downside is that we have a screen that’s worse than either of the two. In fact, unless you’re somebody who reads and writes for a living, this screen is pretty basic and die-hard media consumers will balk at its specifications. Luckily, reading and writing is exactly what we do for our living. Good for us.

We know you’re waiting to hear about the iMac next. The designers’ dream and all that. Well, we don’t use ’em. Sorry. But we do have design softwares (photo correction, editing, layout, and everything else) on our regular PC. The kind that’s not an Apple. We compensate with a Corei7 and 16GB of RAM. And prayers. It’s the best we can offer you at the moment. And probably for ever, since we aren’t Apple fans. We hope you understand.

How Secure is Medianation LLP? Software We Use

19 October 2018

How Secure is Medianation LLP? Processes We Follow

19 October 2018