How Secure is Medianation LLP? Processes We Follow

Medianation LLP’s genesis lies in journalism. Ergo, the profession’s ethics are ingrained in our DNA. If we’re not supposed to reveal stuff, we don’t. It’s that simple, really.

If our collaboration is in the public domain, we’ll mention you to prospects for reference. Otherwise, nobody will know we work for you. One of the first decisions we took regarding this was with our website, where we insisted on dropping the “We’ve Worked With” or “Our Happy Clients” bar that comes readymade and allows companies to list their clientele.

Once our project commences, we prepare a briefing that acts as an internal backgrounder and continuity document if you need to restart the project. Such documents also help bring replacements up to speed faster and help ease transitions between people, teams, and (if you’re leaving us) companies. These backgrounders are accessible only to partners and (if it comes to that!) law enforcement. Everybody else (even those working on your project) get the briefing, but not the document.

And last, we employ a Living Will. Which means in case anything happens at the management level, there’s a written record of steps to follow so that clients know what has happened, whether and how the change impacts them, and remedies available to them. We have a Living Will for every project and for each of our designated partners. After all, setting up a business is about creating an institution that is independent of you. We want Medianation LLP to exist. Even if we’re not a part of it.

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20 October 2018

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20 October 2018