How Secure is Medianation LLP? Software We Use

We use as our de facto briefcase and our online access + backup solution. Everything we make, create and sell, is stored on a Box Sync folder. The folder is currently loaded on three devices and accessible from there. And being a cloud solution, we have external access 24×7 online. Our default selection automatically encrypts all files stored there, so that a file cannot open in any other device without permission.

We use an SSL on our website. Check out your address bar right now. Whatever browser you are reading this in, the address is an “https”, not an “http”. The SSL isn’t the highest strength certificate available, but is sufficient for our purpose. We might upgrade it once our eStore opens and e-commerce transactions start to take place on¬†Our mailbox resides behind this SSL, ensuring email exchanges enjoy some degree of encryption and protection.

Medianation LLP also has a Protonmail ID, which offers probably the highest level of email protection available. Unfortunately there isn’t a Protonmail briefcase yet, although a ProtonDrive is in the works and expected to go live by mid-2019. Should a client desire encrypted storage, the only option at the moment is Tresorit.

We do not regularly use a VPN at present. But we can deploy them if a client demands one. All our hardware is installed with two VPNs, and our preferred one is ProtonVPN, from the makers of Protonmail. We believe the combination of ProtonVPN + Protonmail + ProtonDrive will offer the best encrypted solutions for clients seeking data protection.

How Secure is Medianation LLP?

18 October 2018

How Secure is Medianation LLP? Here's our Hardware

18 October 2018