How Secure is Medianation LLP?

This is a highly relevant question that deserves an honest answer. Details-in-the-public-domain type.

Security is a prime concern in the digital age. Recently, even Google discovered it had an issue with the coding on Google Plus, its rival-to-Facebook that didn’t make it.

The good news is that there is today a general idea of what a company can do to ensure digital security. The bad news is this “general idea” is vague and always evolving as hackers find new and newer ways to access available data. The better news is that Medianation LLP understands data security sufficiently to have spent hours learning the issue and coming up with solutions that it believes you — our customers — will find acceptable and sufficient. Which means, you are safe with us.

Spiel done, let’s talk about what we use. That’ll even let you make an independent evaluation of our capabilities and preparedness. At Medianation LLP, we analyse our security based on three parameters, software, hardware and processes. Click on each to find out how we handle them.

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17 October 2018

How Secure is Medianation LLP? Software We Use

17 October 2018