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Our consumer operations put people in touch with their passions and enhance their perspective. We do this by packaging the right content (created or curated) into digital publications that merge the best attributes of print and online products. We use language most suited to each target audience and ensure high quality, print-ready production.

Available for free, SUIT UP! is our monthly publication on career growth. Whether you are a fresher or having up to six years of work experience, this newsletter will help you to grow by explaining basic career questions and concepts. It is designed using simple language and focusses on only one subject per issue, making it easy for everybody to understand.

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Jack Ma, one of China’s richest individuals, is planning to retire. Ma has been open and public about the list of failures he suffered on the way to earning his fortune, among them a failure to land himself a job. We take a look at his life to better understand perseverance

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Now that you know you need perseverance, you must know what it is, and how to wield it. Our links from and a comment from Seth Godin will do just that. Even more, perseverance can have a dark side. Dan Rockwell tells you all about it.

Our innovative and inventive newsletter helps independent financial advisors (IFAs) in India connect with their clients and build their brand. Money is only happy when it is in good hands, and we believe IFAs are the best people to understand their customer’s financial planning needs and make their money happy. Therefore, our process allows each IFA to customise their newsletter to benefit their clients.

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Each issue of Moneywise contains news snippets and mutual fund updates to keep you informed as an investor. We also carry financial planning tips from experts and interviews with retail investors who have at least 15 years of market experience. Plus, there is market commentary from your financial advisor, all of which makes Moneywise a single point destination for you financial planning process.

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Moneywise is available only through independent financial advisors. If you would like to receive a copy, please ask your advisor to get in touch with us on email: mmbakre@

Downmarket monitors risks to the global economic scenario and was conceived to outline the bear case for sophisticated investors. We are not contrarian by nature, nor are we contrarian by choice. We are simply interested in risk, and making sure it is fully accounted for in your investment decisions. That way, no matter what happens in the global economy, you won’t be caught out by it.

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Downmarket is a new publication and is currently in testing, or “beta" mode.  For the moment, it is available only by invitation. We expect to go live in the middle of 2019.

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Think Downmarket is for you? Send a mail to mmbakre@ Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in the newsletter. That’ll help us reach out to you.

Medianation LLP is committed to putting out ebooks with a distinct value-add that make the reading experience more engaging and rewarding. Our imprint, Cronus, uses Saturn as its colophon and re-publishes books in the public domain after applying fresh editorial eyes to their packaging and presentation. We also handle modern writing, both fiction and non-fiction. Submissions welcome: mmbakre @

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