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Communication isn’t about what you say, it’s about what they understand

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Our corporate division helps companies communicate with their intended audience. We offer a full suite of services – from writing web content or press releases and designing brochures to sophisticated publications that articulate and propound thoughts at a suitable frequency – while handling digital footprints and promotions.

The first step in the media process. Before you communicate, you must decide WHAT to communicate. The content you choose is your answer to the WHAT question. Content may be curated or created and can be anything from a mission statement to a company manifesto. Medianation LLP can generate content that adheres to your editorial brief, or we can undertake the full editorial process for you.

What We Do: Custom newsletters and publications, internal communications, proofreading, news reports, blog articles, press releases, content sourcing, QC checks, etc

Production follows editorial in the media process; this is where we take your product to completion. Your content is vetted and a suitable design prepared for your purpose. The finished layout is proofed, so that you receive an error-free product. In case of printing, we undertake technical conversions such as changing the colour scheme (to CMYK from RGB) and verifying picture quality (usually 300 dpi, against 72 dpi for computer screens).

What We Do: Design publications, newsletters and research reports, redesign existing publications, create brochures, flyers and other marketing collaterals, logo development, etc

Regardless of product or offering, every business today needs digital real estate. But what strategy will serve you best? At Medianation LLP, we evaluate your situation ground up and craft a digital footprint keeping in mind your business objectives, so that the money you spend on digital isn’t just for your “being there”, but articulates your purpose and reinforces your presence.

What We Do: Full scale digital marketing projects, ad campaigns, digital marketing strategy development or evaluation, SEO operations, creation of buyer personas, etc

The consulting operation puts our brains at your disposal. From evaluating ideas and possibilities to developing products suitable for your requirement and setting up your operations, we do it all. We could validate your plans, or help course correct an on-going project. Like our David and Goliath article lays out, sometimes, it’s not a new strategy or product, but a perceptive, knowledgeable mind that makes the difference.

What We Do: Team set-up and training, process development, product ideation and creation, brainstorming, team and product evaluations, projections, ad hoc projects, etc

We regularly undertake primary research focussed on core areas of operation and publish the surveys / analyses as independent reports. The IMPRINT serves as a repository for all such reports brought out by Medianation LLP, as well as our MS Excel-based models and training programme PPTs, our CV templates, ad hoc modules and other documents. It’s a mixed bag that highlights our varied interests.

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